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Get Justice this Valentine’s Day! | FIGHTING LION COMICS Get Justice this Valentine’s Day! – FIGHTING LION COMICS

Get Justice this Valentine’s Day!

Yesterday we announced that Brik Jones Attorney for Earth was finally going to be released steadily as a weekly webcomic. Check out some of the sites I noticed carrying it here here and here for starters. To re-cap and expand it has been almost 2.5 years since a complete issue or storyline had been released, since the Ashcan “The case of case number 69” which you can read for free here. There was a reason I had waited. Basically I wanted to be able to tell the complete Origin story for Brik Jones, the selfish Attorney who through a strange twist of fate has to represent the Earth in interstellar court, the way I really wanted; big bold without making readers wait the three years while it was being produced. The original ashcan featured Aliens, ray guns, jet packs (a little alien sex) and more. It was great to show a day in the life of Brik once he became Earth’s Attorney but I wanted to show how he got there.

Almost 3 years ago I met, online, artist Giuseppe Cafaro (Fathom Kiani, Trish out of Water). He blew me away with a pin up of the character The Magdalena from Top Cow. I e-mailed him to let him know I was no longer working at Top Cow but that I’d like to hire him to illustrate  my creator owned series Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth. I told him I only had enough coming in monthly to pay him for 4 pages a month at his full rate, and that the project could take up to 3 years to finish 5 issues worth of content. He agreed and now we have 112 pages!


I’m really looking forward to this year and finally getting to share it with everyone. I just posted pages 1 and 2 for Valentine’s Day. Page 3 goes up on Tuesday. Starting, today, this Valentine’s Day 2015 the first chapter in the origin of Earth’s Attorney begins. The plan is to post a new page every Tuesday for starters. Each subsequent chapter will release more frequently 2, 3 or more updates a week leading up to Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2015 where I will be exhibiting and posting the last page in the first volume of this amazing storyline, that is to say 112 pages of story, starting now and posting the 112th page Halloween 2015.

The original ashcan is online and free to view at the link above. The first page in the Origins storyline is here. Learn some background on Brik, the world and characters here. We also have a few items to check out here. More being added monthly. Join the search for Justice, now*!

*Also. there will be Lizard men, Turtle Folk and (My favorite) Space Whales!

-Live Long and Prosper, May the Force be with you…Always. May I come to Grok you in fullness. If you see Agents…run.

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