PINEAPPLE SUSHI: Quantum Kitty Robo

Pineapple Sushi: Quantum Kitty Robo takes on all sorts of galactic adventures; from battling corrupted Vampire Bots to helping lost space turtles find their way home. Using her one of a kind solar powered quantum processor this star hopping kitty is always ready to lend a hand to save the galaxy, or a friend!

The first strip is posted below. More to come and be on the look out for a dedicated webcomic feed. For now, enjoy!

Pineapple Sushi: Quantum Kitty Robo


Page 1

Pineapple Sushi Getting Underway-01

Stay tuned there is more to come!

Created and Story by O. and P. Smith

Illustrated by P. Smith

Special thanks to K. Smith

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