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Human: Oceanic

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The Story

The Team



The Story

Set in the near future, Human Oceanic is the story of a woman driven to uncover the secret behind her husband’s disappearance and his place in a secret military experiment called: Human Oceanic.

The world Human: Oceanic takes place is a future where human experimentation has become accepted by the worlds nations, giving the benefit to some and damning others to a life of forced servitude and torture. Of course it does not stop there. With the doors to Human experimentation blown open the Military Industrial complex initiates a series of trials secretly called “Human: Oceanic.” A research project designed to give soldiers on the front lines the ability to predict enemy actions in both hand to hand combat as well as higher level precognitive abilities at the command level. The project has an unintended side effect opening up the subject’s consciousness to past and future realities as well as the path of particular lives. The consciousness splinters as the subject’s mind travel’s various paths into alternate pasts and futures.


The Team

J.K. Woodward (X-Men Origins:Beast, Peter David’s Fallen Angel, and Star Trek/Doctor Who) – Illustrator. To see more of Jim’s work click HERE.

Phil Smith (Witchblade: Due Process, Trinity: Blood on the Sands) – Writer, Creator and Letterer


Human Oceanic has been coming together for about 10 years…let me explain. In 2001/2002 I met J.K. Woodward via the internet while he was living in Germany. I pitched him an idea for a Science Fiction adventure story. Together we created several comics worth of material that never made it to the market. 10 years in the comics industry later working for different companies (Top Cow, IDW, Marvel, Skybound and others) we are re-editing and re-launching the project with what we’ve learned in the last 10 years.

Our goal is to post 160 pages of this story as a Webcomic and later down the road publish as a digest sized, Hard cover with dust jacket, Original Graphic Novel.

Looking forward to Winter 2015. -P.

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