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Brik Jones: Attorney For Earth

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Brik Jones, Ashcan cover

Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth “The Case of Case number 69” Ashcan edition cover

What is Brik Jones

Brik Jones is a selfish attorney who, through a strange twist of fate, has to represent the Earth in the interstellar court system. Basically he’s saving the Earth from Alien Invasion…one case at a time.

Brik is part Lawyer, part Detective and part Diplomat. Sometimes combatant and unelected representative of Earth managing the interests of our planet in an interstellar legal system cobbled together by the various races that are united as members in an interstellar Association of Worlds. In this framework, the “best” parts of each race’s judicial system are incorporated. Some of these are straightforward like evidence of crime. Criminals and victims.  Some are more exotic, like trial by combat with your attorney as your champion.

Brik himself is a lawyer whose mistrust of law forces him to, at times, dismiss “legal” justice for his own brand of “moral” justice.

Story lines

ORIGINS Vol. 1-3. Origins volume 1 consists of a 112 page storyline currently posting every Tuesday on this website. Origins Volume 1, is broken in to 5 chapters (issues) and details Brik’s initial contact with Alien races and his role in the Interstellar political landscape. Volume 2 details his initiation to become an Attorney in the interstellar court system. Volume 3 details his return to Earth and his acceptance of his role as Attorney for Earth. The final page of Volume 1 is set to post Halloween 2015. Origins tells the story of how Aliens first contacted Earth and Brik’s rise into the Interstellar Judiciary. To start reading Origins Volume 1 click HERE.

ADVENTURES. After the events taking place in the Origins story lines Brik is firmly entrenched as Earth’s representative. To start reading the first Brik Jones Adventure, “The case of case number 69” click HERE.

More adventures forthcoming!



Brik Jones – Brought into the Interstellar Judiciary after the death of his father, Brik represents the people of Earth on a Galactic stage. Having earned his credentials in Universal Martial Arts and Legal Combat, Brik’s greatest advantage is his ability to leap before he looks, confident in his own ability to adapt to any situation.

Marcia Mellowes – Earth’s Ambassador to the Interstellar community as well as Brik’s “handler” to make sure he does not get out of line. Usually carries a high tech tablet/clipboard which is an A.I..

“Shakey” R. Johnson – Brik’s alien assistant and Starship Engineer. “Shakey” once practiced Interstellar Law but was bested in combat following an objection from a Liasian prosecutor. Failing to defend his client or defeat his opponent, Shakey was disbarred but allowed to continue working in the field.

The Judge – Known across the galaxy for his infinite patience and keen Martial Lawyering prowess in his day, the Judge presides over cases brought to him in his personal court, The Moonroom.

T.I.E. the A.I.– A necktie that is an Artificial Intelligence. At the knot are two slit-like robotic eyes that change based on its “mode.” In normal mode, the “eyes” are soft and round; in combat mode they are hard, angular slits. The tiepin below the knot is actually a speaker through which he communicates. He has the ability to move like a snake, even remove himself from Brik’s neck and extend cables from his lower extremities to jack in to electronic equipment. He is extremely intelligent and assigned to Brik as an aide in navigating the Interstellar Judicial system.

Starship Justice – A high speed interceptor Brik inherited from his father. As a registered Judiciary vessel, the Justice has the right to override space lane traffic protocols in the pursuit of fleeing witnesses or to ensure evidence is not tampered with.

The Team

Giuseppe Cafaro (Fathom: Kiani, All New Soulfire) – Line art, Origins Volume 1. To see more of his work of his work click HERE.

Sid Kotian  (The Adventures of Apocalypse Al, Dream Police) – Line art, “The case of case number 69”. To see more of his work click HERE.

Phil Smith (Witchblade: Due Process, Artifacts #29, Top Cow Holiday Special) – Writer, Creator, Letterer and Colorist.

Creator Reviews

Creator Reviews of Brik Jones (From the Ashcan edition: “The Case of Case Number 69” ):

“Here’s a quote from BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH: ‘I just had sex with a giant alien jellyfish.’ If that doesn’t make you want to read this book, I can’t imagine what will. This is science fiction like you’ve never seen, with one hand on a laser pistol, one hand on the intergalactic law review, and tongue planted firmly in cheek. Phil Smith and Sid Kotian have come up with something clever and original, and executed it uncommon flair. This one will have you saying, ‘I want my lawyer!’ ”
Ron Marz (Witchblade, Artifacts, Samurai: Heaven and Earth, Green Lantern)

“Not only is Smith writing about a lawyer, he’s made him…wait for it…the good guy. I told you he had imagination.”
Mark Waid (Daredevil, Luther, The Flash, Kingdom Come)

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