BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH™ launched at Stan Lee’s Comikaze

Brik Jones, Ashcan cover

Cover for BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH “The Case of Case number 69” cover


So after our first day at Stan Lee’s Comikaze we have had a great reaction to the Ashcan Edition of Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth, “The Case for Case number 69.” The pitch as people careen madly through the aisles is this:

“Brik Jones is the story of a selfish Attorney who through a weird twist of fate must represent the Earth to the interstellar community. He is saving us from the Alien invasion…one case at a time. The easiest way to wrap you head around it is its: “Liar Liar” meets “Galaxy Quest.”

Everyone seems to get a laugh out of that then proceeds to give the book a read. Extra copies will be available on this website in a about a week when the store goes live. In the meantime enjoy!

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