BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH #1 – cover color test

Brik Jones, Shakey R. Johnson


It’s been a while since I posted. Here is a quick update. Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth issue #4 is 30% illustrated. Right now I’m getting some of the larger story arcs ready and set up as well as some other details squared away. I’m also getting a pitch package together for Diamond Comic Book Distributors. Part of the pitch will include issue #1 in full color. I colored one other book which was Pilot Season: Anonymous #1 from Top Cow. I was on the fence about whether to color Brik in a hard edge style or painterly-(ish) style. I am going for a hybrid. See the color sample from the cover to issue #1 above. The snapshot is of Legal aide and Starship mechanic SHAKEY R. JOHNSON. Want to find out more about him read the ashcan preview edition you can read on this website. Line art above by GIUSEPPE CAFARO who will be illustrating the first 5 issues (and hopefully more!).

More regular updates, and potential website re-vamp, forthcoming!


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Fighting Lion Comics at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013! Booth #806

Brik Jones #1 advance edition

Fighting Lion Comics, Convention Merchandise

Hey Everybody!

Fighting Lion Comics is back at Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2013. We are at Booth #806. We will have free bookmarks and stickers plus…

-An exclusive line art edition of BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH issue #1 with art by Giuseppe Cafaro.

-Signing and commissions by J.K. Woodward promoting STAR TREK/DOCTOR WHO, FALLEN ANGEL from I.D.W. plus HUMAN OCEANIC from Fighting Lion Comics and more!

We will also have the original Ashcan edition of BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH as well as the 11 by 17 convention print.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. Cannot wait for the show!

May the Force be with you…Always.



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Long Beach Comic-Con 2012 Day 1

Hi Everybody!

Day 1 of Long Beach Comic-Con was a blast. Thanks to Elena Salecedo and Matt Hawkins I got to crash the booth at Top Cow and set up a Fighting Lion Comics outpost at the signing table at booth #207. Come check me out! Got a chance to talk to some friends and talk about some potential future works. The Ashcan preview for Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth™ is selling very well!

I like to take pictures of cosplayers and pick a theme for each show. This year it is Star Wars cosplay! Take a look at this gallery and enjoy!

May the Force be with you…Always.


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BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH™ launched at Stan Lee’s Comikaze

Brik Jones, Ashcan cover

Cover for BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH “The Case of Case number 69″ cover


So after our first day at Stan Lee’s Comikaze we have had a great reaction to the Ashcan Edition of Brik Jones: Attorney for Earth, “The Case for Case number 69.” The pitch as people careen madly through the aisles is this:

“Brik Jones is the story of a selfish Attorney who through a weird twist of fate must represent the Earth to the interstellar community. He is saving us from the Alien invasion…one case at a time. The easiest way to wrap you head around it is its: “Liar Liar” meets “Galaxy Quest.”

Everyone seems to get a laugh out of that then proceeds to give the book a read. Extra copies will be available on this website in a about a week when the store goes live. In the meantime enjoy!

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Welcome to Fighting Lion Comics

Hello Everybody,


This will be the new home for FIGHTLING LION COMICS a new web and print imprint from Phil Smith. Our first two titles BRIK JONES: ATTORNEY FOR EARTH and HUMAN EXPERIMENTAL will be released shortly with some exciting new announcements. Stay tuned!


May the Force be with you…Always.


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